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Meet Camesha Chanel

Certified Master Life Coach


Public Speaker

My Story

Every since I was a young child, I have faced adversity as I'm sure most people have. I suffered from depression and anxiety that I wasn't able to identify. I lacked confidence, although my outward output would tell a different story. Throughout my life I have dealt with sexual assault, obesity, lack of care for self, accepting things I didn't deserve, multiple major health issues, emotional trauma, suicidal thoughts, allowing people to use and abuse me, and settling for situations and people whom were not for me simply for acceptance. I've always been called "so strong", but strength is all I had to hang on to. Regardless of my situation or circumstance, my resilience and determination never waivered. I thought I was the most confident person ever, because I wore the mask oh so well. Yet, I was lacking self-love, I was lacking self-acceptance, I was lacking Authentic Alignment...


But one day after 32 years of living, I woke up. I began to take actionable steps to change my mind, body, and soul. I would no longer allow my past trauma and situations to drive my life, I decided to take control. I would no longer use my health issues as a crutch. I would no longer accept what was, and instead I would go after what WILL be. For the first time in my life, I CHOSE ME! 

My Purpose

Speaking and Interacting with people in some form has always been an area where I thrived. At a young age, I began to speak in many areas by way of poetry reading and delivering speeches. Of course, at this time I did not recognize "purpose" in these works. Throughout high school and college, I would always find myself helping others figure things out, or giving advise or inspiration. I thought it was just my personality, again not realizing the "purpose" in these things. When I was 12 years old, I told myself I wanted to be the next Oprah or Maya Angelou. Fast forward to current day, I now KNOW my PURPOSE. Through lots of self work, reflection, research, classes, seminars, and investing in my craft and myself Camesha Chanel; the brand was born. 

I decided to use my name as the brand because it is my identifier, thus I want the work that I do to serve the same purpose.

I have invested, and continue to invest, countless hours and dollars into trainings, classes, and self work to ensure I show up my best in every aspect.  My mission is to impact the lives of the people I interact with, whether through coaching or speeches, so that they reach Authentic Alignment.


Educational Background

I obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Management, as well as a Master's degree in Public Administration from Jacksonville State University. I have worked in the Property Management Industry for 16 years, where I have also gained access to many techniques, strategies, and tools that have broadened my knowledge, and allowed me to thrive in many areas.

Transformation Academy awarded me the opportunity to obtain several certifications, including the Master Life Coach certification. Additionally, I have participated in several programs and trainings to enhance my skillset, including Lisa Nichol's program "Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit" I am continually investing, enrolling, learning, and growing to ensure I deliver phenomenal impact to everyone, and in every space I interact with. 

Curtains by Camesha Chanel

Awakened Child, feels so new. Finally living in my truth. Embracing change and breaking curses, thoughts so vivid-OPEN CURTAINS

Unconscious thoughts were once the norm, been conditioned mentally since I was born. Beliefs imbedded in my brain, never given a chance to express my pain. Unaware of its presence for so long, because I wasn't in touch with my soul. Validation seeking from outside sources, never muting external voices. INNER CHILD WAKE UP!!!- CURTAINS CLOSED

Consciousness is now the focus, now I realize that I'm chosen. Digging deep inside my self for answers, pulling out and destroying all those pieces of trauma. Finding and Keeping my Authentic self is the goal, now that I realize the power of my soul. The comfort zone I've known my entire life is so easy, but the thought of staying there any longer makes me so queasy! I CHOOSE ME!- CURTAINS OPEN

Self discovery is a powerful thing, it brings about so much clarity, understanding, and meaningful change. Dripping in gratitude, illuminating purpose, Glowing with happiness, Mind hyper-focused!